The library catalog shows you the books and resources in the McCall Library. There are 3 ways you can search the library catalog. Click one of the options below to get started.

OPAC - Online Public

Access Catalog

Destiny Quest

Destiny Discover



Looks like what you will see in public
or academic libraries around the

Easy to search using keywords, titles,
authors, subjects, or series.

Provides in-depth details about the
book's contents, reading level,
availability, A.R. level and points, and

Very kid friendly and basic.

Provides a list of the top 10 checkouts
at McCall as well as the newest books
in the catalog.

Allows users to see book covers,
availability, A.R. level and points, and
reviews from other students.

Great for users who are not sure what
they want to read.

Shows lists of recently added titles,
popular titles, ebooks, audiobooks, and
interactive books.

Allows users to browse by topics, such
as graphic novels, animal tales, picture
books, holidays, and scary stories.

Allows users to see book covers,
availability, and A.R. level and points.

Images from Follett.